Your Patient Accounts Receivable Solution

Collect more past due balances, faster by providing patients a superior experience to paying online.

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Streamline Your Patient Accounts Receivable Process

Today’s consumers expect to be able to pay their dental and medical bills from the convenience of their mobile device. Abella gives your patients the experience they want while producing meaningful financial results to your dental practice.

Integrates with all major dental and healthcare software

Sends custom branded e-statements via text and email

Patients have instant ACH, credit card, FSA, or HSA payment options

Easily view and manage your patient A/R collections progress

Powerful Results for Your Practice


Of patients pay in full before a paper statement could be delivered.


Patients have used Abella to pay a past due balance with their provider.


In 90+ day patient A/R collected by practices after implementing Abella.


Patients with 90+ day A/R balances paid after Abella was implemented.

Trusted by Dental Practices of All Sizes

Collect More
Payments, Faster.

Current outreach attempts like phone calls and paper statements are dated. Patients need more options that keep your practice top of mind. Offering Abella enables your patients to quickly and easily make payments from the convenience of any device.

Abella Customers Collect Up To 30% More Revenue On Average.

Your Office Manager’s Best Friend

Abella improves operational efficiency by saving office managers up to 2 days a week on mundane tasks, allowing them to spend more time helping patients and less time collecting on outstanding A/R.

Patients and Practices Love Abella

For years, I hoped a magical money getting thing would be invented so dental practices could make collecting money much easier. I don’t need to hope any more. Abella is that thing for the dental world and it is quite magical.

- Dr. Paul Goodman

Patients and Practices Love Abella

I work with over 1500 practices. The ones that use Abella in my network have collected thousands and thousands back on these little $50 balances. Abella is a way to collect these little balances with zero effort.

- Dr. David Galler, AACA President

Patients and Practices Love Abella