Making Past Due Payments a Thing of the Past

Collect more of your money faster with convenient payment options and reminders your patients will love.


A simple click to view the balance

Patients receive custom branded statements via text and email and can easily set-up payment arrangements from any device.


Patients pay
quickly and easily

Patients have immediate access to pay off their balance or pick a monthly payment plan that works for them so you can get paid faster and more efficiently.


A big smile for everyone

Patients and practices are happy with a friendly and improved bill payment experience.

How Abella Works

Our proprietary software removes the burden of following up on past due balances while enhancing your ability to collect. Your patients will receive statements via friendly emails and text messages until a payment arrangement is made. Abella’s quick and convenient click-to-pay experience leaves your patients and team smiling.

Effortlessly Manage Your Patient Accounts Receivable.