Frequently Asked Questions

Abella is a fully integrated scalable Account Receivables solution software. It is a great fit for practices that send 100+ statements per month, have multiple practice locations, are heavy PPO, or have existing Account Receivables (even over 90+ days) that you would like to collect 30% more on, faster.

Abella automates unnecessary tasks for team members making the practice more efficient.
Paper statements and phone calls can be intrusive and ineffective. Patients easily ignore these traditional methods but text and email communication has a greater response rate by offering an easier and faster way to pay, which in turn makes you collect more money faster.

Yes, Abella has full integration with all major dental practice software including Dentrix. You have the ability to submit patients seamlessly which makes managing AR a breeze. In addition to invoicing, Abella posts payments and can write-back through the integration process.

Abella works for you by collecting payments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on weekends, and during after practice hours which allows more freedom from generating statements and making phone calls each week. In addition, Abella gets updated patient data every day and gives your team the option to invoice them or not.

Absolutely. Abella is successful in collecting balances over 90 days as well as current AR. The Abella software offers patients a flexible and convenient payment experience, resulting in up to 30% of outstanding AR collected in the first month.

Abella communications are branded by each practice location, so patients will see your practice info, custom logo, phone number, etc. Branded communication helps with Abella’s high response rates and allows the patient quick access to your contact info if they were to have any questions regarding their statement.

Abella disburses funds via direct deposit to the practice the following business day payments are made by the patient, so you are getting paid faster with Abella.

Yes, Abella can also send out paper statements as an added account feature. A custom Abella widget will be added to your website for patients to quickly make a payment who respond to paper statements.

Yes, there are many ways to make Abella work for you. Practices have the ability to offer customized payment arrangements and plan terms if requested. However, we offer research based recommendations based on our successful payment structure.

Yes, however our market research supports our frequent, friendly, communication gets patients to pay your office faster, without much delay.

Our contracts are month to month and if at any time you would like to cancel, we only require a 30-day written notice.

Yes, Abella is a great tool for acquisitions. If you are looking to buy or sell a practice, Abella can help! Contact us directly to learn how.