Patient A/R Software Designed to Increase Self-Payments.

Modernize your practice by offering patients an enhanced payment experience with instant payment options directly from their smart device.

Who We Are

Abella® is the first and only patient A/R software provider that accelerates cash flow to your practice by providing patients a superior payment experience with pay in full or monthly payment options directly from their smart device. This provides patients with a superior payment experience while saving office staff valuable time that can then be spent with patients. Abella also easily integrates with all leading practice management software and provides a convenient click-to-pay experience that keeps your patients and your team smiling.

Abella customers save time
and collect more money.

Abella’s easy to use patient account receivable software removes the burden of following up on past due balances while improving efficiency, accelerating cash flow, enhancing collection rates, and reducing A/R costs.

Trusted by Dental Practices of All Sizes

Patients and Practices Love Abella

I work with over 1500 practices. The ones that use Abella in my network have collected thousands and thousands back on these little $50 balances. Abella is a way to collect these little balances with zero effort.

– Dr. David Galler, AACA President

Patients and Practices Love Abella

For years, I hoped a magical money getting thing would be invented so dental practices could make collecting money much easier. I don’t need to hope any more. Abella is that thing for the dental world and it is quite magical.

 – Dr. Paul Goodman

Patients and Practices Love Abella

The results Abella brought in the first week would have taken a team member a month on the phone.

 – Callie Ward, Corsen Dental Group

Patients and Practices Love Abella

Abella has helped my practice to collect more patient A/R than ever before. Not only do I trust them with my patients to help reconcile A/R balances. MB2 uses them in a majority of their practices. I recommend trying Abella for yourself so you too can collect more money, faster.

 – Dr. Glenn Vo, MB2 Dental Practice Owner

Patients and Practices Love Abella

Abella is amazing! It not only saves my office time but also money. It has given me 100% confidence that statements are going out in a timely manner, and we’re seeing our collections rise because of that consistency.

 – Luis Guzman, MB2 Dental Solutions

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